Saturday, August 2, 2014

Supervan (1977)

aka Super Van

How bad is it? Even in the world of regional film making, this is pretty low-par.
Should you see it? Yes, as a view into an alternative culture now gone (I hope).

There was a contest in Missouri for custom van enthusiasts called the Freak Out Truck In - think airbrushed fantasy scenes, CB radios, racing stripes and flame decals and you'll get the idea. Someone decided to make a movie during it. The plot has a guy developing the Supervan, which is solar powered and has a laser gun and he's going to enter into the contest. Someone steals the van (with his daughter) and the rest of the film devolves into chase scenes that aren't very interesting. There is a surprise cameo by poet Charles Bukowski, drunk as usual, but far from his San Francisco home, so someone must've payed for his appearance at the show.

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