Friday, August 8, 2014

Teenage Devil Dolls (1955)

aka One way Ticket to Hell

How bad is it? It's actually well-made, but the plot's ridiculous.
Should you see it? Yeah.

This was a UCLA film school thesis project, made for $14000, and it actually won an award and got some positive reviews. A girl tries marijuana and hangs out with a motorcycle gang, then marries her high school sweetheart, but moves on to heroin, has a car accident, gets hospitalized, escapes, is forced to sell drugs, makes a run for the Mexican border and finally surrenders to the cops. This is very much like the "educational" films of the 1930's in subject matter, making it anachronistic as well as silly. It's a much better looking film than most trash, but the director didn't go on to better things.

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