Tuesday, August 26, 2014

White Gorilla (1945)

How bad is it? It's worse than White Pongo (see previous post)
Should you see it? Yes. You'll undoubtedly end up  unintentionally seeing White Pongo first, though.

It is almost impossible to separate this film from White Pongo. Made the same year (though apparently released later), with Ray Crash Corrigan again playing a white gorilla - reusing the same suit, of course. This was directed by Harry L. Fraser and has Lorraine Miller in the cast. It also uses 20 year-old silent footage from "Perils of the Jungle" to pad the film. In this, a great white hunter goes after the white ape that's been threatening the natives. The ape's also been fighting the black gorillas, who don't accept him. Poor gorilla can't get a break. The film's of such poor quality that it's charming and there aren't a lot of slow stretches, having a short running time.

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