Friday, August 15, 2014

Troll 2 (1990)

aka Troll II

How bad is it? It's inspired a documentary called "Best Worst Movie." It's that bad.
Should you see it? It's awfulness has been oversold, but it is definitely worth seeing.

There is a group dedicated to getting this film anointed as the worst movie ever made; it's certainly one of the easiest films to make fun of. For one thing, there is no troll; it's not a sequel to "Troll" but is about goblins. A family goes on vacation and Grandpa tells stories about goblins. They go to a town called Nilbog - it's that unoriginal - where the inhabitants are goblins in human guise, who plan on eating the family. The goblins are vegetarians, however, so they have to turn the people into plants first. The acting is so bad that it looks like people on a stage delivering lines as they get written and cued from offstage. "They're going to eat my sister. Then they're going to eat me. Oh. My. God!" has become a sort of rallying cry among the fans of this film. The soundtrack (Casio keyboard) is awful.It was filmed in 3 weeks. The screenplay was written by someone with limited English who demanded literal line readings. The Holly waits dance, the pissing on the table to ruin a meal ["You can't piss on hospitality!"], the endless corn bits... it's all become classic fodder for ridicule.

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