Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What's Up Front (1964)

aka The Fall Guy

How bad is it? It's a sexploitation film with no nudity.
Should you see it? Yes, if only for the film's pedigree.

This is the story of the world's best door-to-door bra salesman. [Let that sink in.] His success causes his rival to use him to win the boss's daughter's hand in marriage. This was made by Arch Hall, Sr. (who appears in the film as William Watters), who decided to start his own film company but before he started promoting his son in his films. The cinematography was by the great Vilmos Zsigmond, who made a number of terrible films look pretty good. The story has such smut potential that it's fun to watch to see just how little prurience actually makes it onto screen.

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