Monday, September 10, 2018

Android Cop (2016)

aka Hammond, Robotic Cop
Having covered "Wolf Cop," "Zombie Cop," "Psycho Cop," "Hollywood Cop," Samurai Cop," "Space Cop," "Demon Cop" and "Karate Cop," how could I not do this one? It's still another Asylum film, meant to be a remake of "RoboCop," but also taking elements from "Blade Runner," "Almost Human," "Alien Nation," some Blaxploitation classics and a thousand buddy cop films. A detective gets partnered with an android cop and they go into the forbidden section of LA where there's a plague, to get the daughter of the mayor, whose consciousness is stored in a runaway android. This leads to a Mad max type car chase and a helicopter chase, some shootouts and some fights. There's a few good lines, like "If I shot everyone who attacked me with an axe, I would never have the time to get all the paperwork done." Michael Jai White stars and Charles S. Dutton has a role. It's a very passable time-waster.

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