Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Bruce Li in New Guinea (1979)

aka Bruce Lee in New Guinea, aka Bruce Li in Snake Island, aka Bruce in New Guinea, aka Last Fist of Fury
I'd skipped over this when covering Bruceploitation, I think because the copy I had didn't seem to be pretending it was Bruce Lee (despite Bruce Li wearing a tracksuit) and then Stately Wayne Manor reminded me of it. Two guys visit an island - definitely not New Guinea - one to learn the local fighting techniques, the other to learn the culture. They hire comic relief cross-eyed guides. There's a devil cult with an evil serpent wizard, a romantic subplot, cannibals, a magic "snake" pearl and rings, a kung fu gorilla protector of the leader's daughter, a snake pit, a guy who fights with an iron hand on a stick... you know, the usual. The fight scenes aren't great, though Bolo Yeung shows up, yet the action and the weirdness keep coming, so it's worth a watch. The guy in the gorilla suit's pretty funny.

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