Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Zombie Bloodbath (1993) and Zombie Rampage (1989)

These are both Todd Sheets zombie films, so I lumped them together

Zombie Bloodbath
Slightly higher budgeted and more ambitious than his previous efforts, this has more than 700 extras in zombie gear. Nuclear power plant on Indian burial ground, then 30 minutes of gut munching in 70 minutes. It's still very amateurish, but gorehounds will recognize all the influences of Italian gore directors, including the music. There's at least three separate groups that have no connection to each other, except that they get attacked by zombies, making the film a mess to follow.

Zombie Rampage

This makes Zombie Bloodbath look like a Powell-Pressburger film. Zombies attack; there's really nothing else to say. I'd reviewed two Sheets films earlier and this is exactly like those - amateurish and sloppy, with gleefully over-the-top gore.


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