Sunday, September 9, 2018

Zoombies (2016)

Skipping past "Zomboobies!" (2014), which is still basically a collection of trailers waiting to be made a film and "Zompyres:Texas" (2010) which is simply unlikeable, we end this alphabetical run here. This was made by The Asylum and is their version of "Jurassic Park;" a virus at a zoo has turned the animals into zombies, which then go on the attack and, of course, it spreads outside the walls of the zoo. The CGI effects start well for the budget, but get worse, as the budget runs out of steam just as the plot does. Someone gets savaged by a giraffe, which seems unlikely. Someone gets stomped by an elephant and walks it off. Someone gets attacked by a koala. [Why has no one ever done a film about "Drop Bears," the Australian legend of koalas that drop out of trees and attack?] It's slow and unoriginal - two deadly faults in the genre.
Next up: maybe 20 films suggested by others.

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