Friday, June 10, 2016

Claws (1977)

aka Devil Bear

How bad is it? It's not even the best killer bear film with that name in theaters in 1977.
Should you see it? If you absolutely love nature-revenge films, it's watchable... barely. (bearly?)

Fast on the heels of "Grizzly," which was also called "Claws," came this very similar film; no one died in a helicopter during filming, so that's a plus, but otherwise it's strictly derivative. A grizzly in Alaska is wounded by poachers and then takes revenge on humans. A couple who lost their son to the bear, a woodsman, two university students with a capture cage and shoddy-looking equipment, a game warden and a stereotyped native then hunt the bear. There's a lot of scenery shot padding, a horrible and boring romantic subplot, lots and lots of flashbacks, an obvious taxidermy bear and a ridiculous pay-off (flare gun and cliff). There are two actors in it named Buck, and neither is Buck Flowers, who would've been an asset.

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