Monday, January 5, 2015

Doctor Bloodbath (1987)

How bad is it? It's the least inept Nick Millard film I've seen, so it's only in the bottom 100 films of all time.
Should you see it? Actually, yes.

Having seen Criminally Insane, Crazy Fat Ethel II and Death Nurse, I just assume a film by Nick Phillips (Nick Millard) will have the same star. This has some recycled footage from those, some from another film (Satan's Black Wedding, perhaps), the same locations, some of the same actors (his wife, his mother, his friend Albert), but... it has some action! Now mind you, thee are a lot of extended shots of a killer twiddling his thumbs, but there's some gore and, while it's poor even by H.G. Lewis standards of a generation earlier, it's sill better than I expected. The plot has an abortionist going to the houses of his patients (actually, the same house, repeatedly) and he kills them with a variety of household items. The abortions are performed with a turkey baster. The doctor's wife has an affair with a poet and now needs her own abortion and you can guess what's next... which is rare for a Millard film, where usually nothing happens or nothing happens in a linear fashion.

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