Thursday, January 29, 2015

Homework (1982)

How bad is it? It makes you long for the classier Joan Collins of "The Bitch."
Should you see it? No. Its camp value isn't quite strong enough.

The late 70's were filled with bad teenage sex comedies and this one didn't get released for a few years (capitalizing on "Dynasty"). A horny teenage boy wants to put a band together for a talent show when he gets seduced by teacher Joan Collins, who was almost 50 at the time. The kid thinks about sex so much that he's sent to a psychologist and he has problems with his girlfriend, who's trying to make the school's swim team (giving a reason to show her in a swimsuit). There's also a girl who contracts a venereal disease from a rock star, giving this a feel of "Afternoon Special." The one thing this film desperately needed was laughs, but the writing supplies none and the shoddiness of the film doesn't supply many, either. Look for Wings Hauser in a bit part if you do watch this.

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