Thursday, January 8, 2015

Exterminator 2 (1984)

How bad is it? It's one of the worse 1980's revenge action films.
Should you see it? Only if you're a Robert Ginty fan (and there are a few of those).

The original film "The Exterminator," was a surprise minor hit, launching the career of director Glickenhaus. This film was directed by the producer of that film (never a good thing) and has Robert Ginty returning as the Vietnam Vet that seeks justice with his flamethrower. This time it's his girlfriend that gets crippled and then killed,  but the rest of the film follows the plot of the first, with a smaller budget and worse cast; Samantha Eggar, Steve James and Christopher George are replaced with Mario Van Peebles. The background, if you look, switches between New York and Los Angeles pretty often.

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