Thursday, January 29, 2015

Homoti (1987)

How bad is it? It's not the worst Turkish E.T. rip-off I've seen, but that's a low standard.
Should you see it? It's tough to find and not really worth the effort.

Made a decade after most Turkish remakes of American films, this has better production values and even some CGI effects, though the film itself still has an amateurish feel to it. This has never had a distributor - at least not one I could find - and appears to have been made for the entertainment of those involved. A  newspaper reporter fakes UFO photos and then discovers a real spaceship with an alien from the planet Homo that has a head like E.T. and a butt like a rapper's girlfriend's. The reporter takes him home to his apartment complex, where we meet the reporter's mother and gay neighbor. The question is: will they try to help him get home or will they try to keep him for themselves? The answer isn't unexpected or involving.

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