Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Him (1970)

How bad is it? Unknown.
Should you see it? Unknown.

This lost film would be forgotten except that it was listed in the "Golden Turkey" books of the Medved brothers as having the worst idea ever for a film: the gay sex life of Jesus Christ. Some didn't believe it was ever made (there was a fake film in their book, but it was "Dog of Norway"), but there have been a half dozen attempts to find this film. No distributor was ever found and there are no known directorial or acting credits. A search of movie listings in newspapers done once supposedly showed that it had been scheduled to be shown in New York City, but there's no evidence it was actually shown and that lead dried up.

I believe the film was based on the apocryphal "Gospel of the Apostle Thomas," in which John, "the disciple that Jesus loved" was the lover of Jesus. This film could thus be quite serious, when most expect it to be a ridiculous romp. I contacted people who knew Jack Smith, who starred in almost every gay film in NYC at the time and they had never heard of it.

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